Flying Apes Aviation Club


Flying Apes Aviation Club

Taking off at:

FAAC welcomes you to a rare collection of 747 unique 1 of 1 NFT’s.

No copies, no editions & no computer generated imagery for each NFT.

Find your one of a kind aircraft, piloted by a smiling ape in uniform.

Pick your favorite NFT from a range of famous aircraft, a movie pilot, a blockbuster, aviation pioneers, international airports, actors, aircraft parts, pilot slang and much more as part of the aviation industry and its remarkable history.

From NFT #1 Wright Flyer, B #2 Stealth, Denzel Flight, a MiG, Concorde, Sully’s Hudson, Top Gun, Airforce One, Spirit of St. Louis, or a private jet perhaps?

There’s a NFT for every aviation enthusiast.

For more go to:

NFT’s include VIP Travel Club & real utilities!

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